O.A. ESTATE Aps collaborate very closely with a range of relevant experts, including leading investment banks, investment funds, private real estate owners, lawyers, architects, bankers and financiers, as well as the leading hotel operators of the world. This strong network enables us to offer our clients the best possible services and high quality solutions.

We have more than 40 years of operational experience within the hotel industry, and consultancy experience since 1992.

O.A. ESTATE ApS will always operate as your discrete partner behind the scene. Our client’s always gets the full credit for a successful transaction.

O.A. Estate ApS
Int. Hotel Investment Consultancy

Marmorvej 23, 5th
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Cvr number 26121477
Bank Account: Jyske Bank 5065-0001190826
Phone: +45 22 11 89 30
E-mail: oa@oaconsult.eu

Due to hectic travel activity or different time zones please allow us to answer your call within 24 hours.

O.A. ESTATE ApS | PHONE: +45 22 11 89 30 | MAIL:  oa@oaconsult.eu