Ole Andersen is the owner and founder of O.A. ESTATE HOLDING. Mr. Andersen’s early career focused on the management and expansion of several global hotel brands including SAS International Hotels, Royal Classic Hotels, Reso Hotels and Best Western.

Mr. Andersen has since established himself as one of the most respected and well connected European hotel brokers and advisor for the hospitality industry, with many large hotel transactions in his belt.

Mr. Andersen only works with chosen clients across the world.

Mr. Andersens professional background:
* International Management School, Switzerland
* Several years of experience within the cruise industry
* Director of Operations, SAS International Hotel (SAS Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo)
* Managing Director, Royal Classic Hotels (Hotel D’Angleterre, Copenhagen)
* Managing Director, Rezo Hotels (Oslo Plaza Hotel)
* Managing Director, SAS Service Partner (Saudi Arabia)
* President, Best Western Hotels
* Owner and CEO, OA Consult & Partners, since 1993
Owner, Hellerup Parkhotel (Copenhagen), since 2000

For further information please contact Mr. Andersen directly :

Cell phone: +45 22 11 89 30 | E-mail: oa@oaconsult.eu

Ole Andersen
CEO & Owner

Int. Hotel Investment Consultancy

Strandvejen 203
DK-2900 Hellerup

Phone: +45 22 11 89 30
E-mail: oa@oaconsult.eu

Due to hectic travel activity or different time zones please allow us to answer your call within 24 hours.

O.A. ESTATE HOLDING | PHONE: +45 22 11 89 30 | MAIL:  oa@oaconsult.eu